Frequent Asked Questions


How are payments handled?

  • All orders must be paid in full when picked up
  • Orders to be delivered must be paid in full before delivery unless previous arrangements have been made

What about delivery and pick-up?

  • Delivery rates are determined by delivery location and items delivered.
  • Additional charges apply to deliveries and pick-ups before or after our regular hours of operation and on Sundays.
  • Additional charges apply if equipment must be carried any distance from the truck, if there are delays in accessing loading/unloading areas, and for carrying items up/down stairs or elevators.
  • Chairs and tables are delivered stacked and must be restacked for pick-up. Table and chair set-up/take-down service is available for a minimal fee.

How do I return items?

  • Dishes, flatware, glassware and serving items simply need to have excess food scraped off or liquids emptied. Please carefully repack them into the crates or tubs they came in. Please make sure that all silver items are dry before stacking.
  • Polished aluminum and pewter items should be cleaned with warm soapy water after use. Do not stack without protection. Spray serving pieces with cooking spray before use to avoid acidic stains.
  • Please empty punch fountains and rinse with water. Do not attempt to take them apart to clean them. Use only punch that does not contain pulp or fruit.
  • Linens need to be shaken free of food and crumbs and should be dry before being packed into bags for return. Wet linens mildew easily. Customers are responsible for replacement costs of linens damaged by mildew, grease/food stains, candle wax, burns, etc. Please return the hangers.
  • Out of courtesy, please return items by or before their due date to assure that the items will be clean and ready for the next customer.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Rental Items must be secured at all times and protected from the elements.
  • The customer is responsible for rental items from the time of rental to the time of return, including safe transport to and from our store.
  • When rental items are delivered, the customer assumes responsibility from the time of delivery until the equipment is picked up.
  • Customers are liable for repair or replacement cost of rental items that are damaged, lost, or stolen while it is out for rental.

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